What Are The Types Of The Conveyor Systems?

Conveyors are used in the material handling systems or construction projects for the movement of various materials from one place to another. These transfer the materials in large quantity with speed and therefore, saving the human efforts as well as the time. Only one human is required to operate the conveyor and the task is done. There are many domains in which the conveyors could be used such as the mining, quarrying, mineral and others but for each of these the nature of the task and the kind of the material which needs to be conveyed is different and therefore, some specialized conveyors are designed for these. In order to understand that which one of these is best suited for the kind of the work you want, it is important to learn about the types of these.

Radial stacker design conveyor

These kind of the conveyors are best suited for the piling of the material in stocks. With this, you can elevate the material and could then drop it wherever you want the stockpile to be. The average capacity of the radial stacker design is around 200 to 1200 tons in an hour. The piles that these made could be arc or conical shaped and these designs of the stock piles allow more storage capacity.

How could radical stacker design benefit you?

The radical stacker design does not need to move completely and therefore, the safety is increased as more risk is involved with the moving vehicles and since the vehicles is not moving there is less noise produced during the stockpiling of the materials. The work rate of the radial stacker is 100 percent which means that it is at its full capacity in every hour with no downtime and this is how the production procedures are improved and the cost is reduced. The wheel loader consumes more fuel and the maintenance of these are quite expensive as compared to the conveyors so having the radial stacker also saves you money in this aspect. One of the major benefit that the redial stacker design provide is that no material is damaged while the conveyance and this is how the value is increased.

Other types of the conveyors:

There are number of other kinds of the conveyors as well which includes the overland conveyor designed for the movement of the materials when the distance is long. Then there are transfer conveyors which are used in the situations with varying elevations and with the materials which does not have the flat surface. Similarly, there are telescopic which are best suited for the frequent loading and unloading applications.