Things You Are Doing That’s Killing Your Trees

If you have had a hard time growing a tree every single time you tried it is probably because you are doing things that you should have been avoiding in the first place. So here are some of them that you need to know of.

Loving it to death

Just like in a relationship too much care comes off as clingy and annoying, with growing trees too much care might even be fatal. With trees staking and mulching might seem like the best things to do to promote faster and healthier growth, and while that is true over doing it could only kill it before it even has a chance to grow out. You need to understand that this method doesn’t apply to all plants. While it works best on some, others don’t really require this at all. Staking might even cause trunks to grow abnormally, create damage to the bark and all sorts of complication when overdone. Therefore, let the tree grow on its own without interfering too much especially if you don’t want to be calling in stump removal anytime soon!

Using tyre girdling

Girdling a tree using tyres or other tree protectors might seem like the best option to protect them against weeds, lawn mowers and whatnot. But over time when they are not taken off, these only end up causing a slow and painful death to these trees even having to call in stump grinding Perth to get rid of the tree you grew hardly! So use alternatives like mulch that would not only prevent the weeds from spreading but also promote healthy growth for these trees. You could also add in small amounts of herbicide to retain moisture too!

Beware of the powerlines

If you have your trees growing tall to an extent where they reach the power lines, make sure that the first thing you do is to trim these off. These would not only get in the way of uninterrupted signal but may even cause dangerous accidents during bad weather conditions and strong rains. Local power companies may also not exactly be your greatest friends when they see the cause of interrupted signals of the entire neighborhood is your tree! So always make sure that you trim your tree branches often to prevent ugly encounters!

Not taking care

While caring for trees to death ends up killing it, not taking care of the trees at all is also a cause for it to end up dying sooner than expected. So set time aside in your schedule and spend some time grooming your plants. Water them early in the morning or late in the evening, use natural fertilizer, weed the place and trim overgrown branches. Though these may seem like chores at the beginning, this is in fact a great way of relieving the week’s stress!Make sure to avoid the above mistakes and let your plants live a long and healthy life!