Find The Best Uses Of Pin Up Boards In Different Institutes

What are pin up boards?

 Pin up board are very common and you can see these boards almost in all type of the institute. These boards are known with many different names such as notice board, announcement board, bulletin board and soft board. Different institutes use awesome pin up boards for displaying different type of information according to their set up. These pins up boards are hanged on a wall situated in a place from where a crowd of a common person, student and workers passes daily such as lobbies, corridors, and hallways. 

 Formation of pin up boards

 These pins up boards are made by using 3 three simple materials including cork board for the base, aluminium for the frame and a piece of velvet fabric to cover the base of the board along with a box of thumb pins. These boards are very helpful and less expensive as compare to a fabric pin board. These are available in different sizes and in three different colours which are red green and blue.

 Common uses of pin up boards


These boards are totally different from fabric pin boards due to its formation, excessive use and the category of information which is displayed on the pin up board.


  • In educational institutes- pin up board are used to display notices, date sheets, result lists, merit lists and announcements are posted on it.


  • In the health department- time table of on-duty staff, SOPs, general rules and regulations for patients, time table of doctor’s visit and important announcements are mostly displayed on these boards.


  • Public places- these pins up boards are used to display job ads, marketing ads, publicity poster, sales promotion and ads for the lost person. 

 Innovative ideas for pin up board

 You can make your DIY pin up board for your institute and these could make interesting and attractive by designing every month. Setting different themes according to current season or event is also an idea to show your creation, to make it worth watching and eye-catching because these boards are effective means of conveying a message or announcement to large numbers of people or a community. Well structured and well-designed pin up boards gain extra attention of its viewers.


 It is obvious that time has changed now and different means of communications are available in the market but pin up boards are still hot seller product in the market. Pin up boards are very important for all types of the institute to paste and display the information. Different suppliers are selling different types and size of pin up boards. Ultimate pinboards & large magnetic whiteboard is renowned for providing durable, long-lasting and heavy-duty products from many years. We use the best materials for all products. We provide you best pin up boards in a flexible price range. Our boards are made after passing the material from a curing and careful dry process to make it fungus and moist free in all type of climate.

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